Beyond Macros Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • Get the exact calorie and macronutrient targets you need to hit your goal. When it comes to getting leaner, gaining muscle, and performing better, calories and macros are the two most important things to get right. A real beyond macros coach will calculate your calories and macronutrients based on your unique needs so they are custom tailored for you.  
  • Weekly live office hours so you can get support directly from a Beyond Macros coach. Access to expert Beyond Macros coaches to get your individual questions answered. Getting your questions answered live means you can talk through issues so it is personalized information. If you can’t make the office hours live, you can submit your questions to be answered on the call as well. By joining in, you will also learn from the struggles of others in the community.  
  • Weekly accountability so you stay engaged with the process. One of our group rituals is to publicly commit to a change at the beginning of each week, and report on your progress from last week. Just like in a CrossFit class, you will be pushed to perform by a group of your peers!  
  • Monthly Practices designed to build your foundation of eating habits for long-term results. Think challenge, but better. Each month you will develop one specific skill to move you towards your goal right now, while also developing a strong foundation you can always fall back on. Developing this set of eating skills is how to make sure your transformation is sustainable!
  • Gain access to our resource library so you always have the right tool for the job. Wherever you are at in your nutrition journey, we have tools that can assist you along the way. Gain access to resources like our progress tracking documents, and video resources to help you with everything from making keeping a food journal easier to how to engineer habits that last.  
  • [Annual Bonus #1] We'll re-calculate your macros up to 3 additional times per year as your goals and body changes.
  • [Annual Bonus #2] We'll send you 18 meal-prep recipes that are easy to prepare, delicious, and that fit your macros. We will also send you ideas about how to make sure the food you prepare at the beginning of the week doesn’t get old by Wednesday!

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