In working with hundreds of clients over the last six years, we’ve been carefully studying what the common thread is between our most successful clients.

The Beyond Macros nutrition program was built according to these principles to deliver extraordinary body composition and performance improvements in 90-days (or less) that will last a lifetime. No more yo-yo dieting. Here’s how we do it…

An Intake Process Engineered for Success

Because every body is different, we designed the initial meeting with head coach, Matt Walrath, and your intake questionnaire to give us the EXACT information we need to make personalized recommendations that you can be confident will work from Day 1

Easy to Follow from the First Email

We will send you an introductory document that will walk you through exactly what to expect over the first 90- days working with your coach. This way, you know exactly what to expect, and what it is going to take to to make a lasting change in the way your body looks and moves.

A Face-to-Face Orientation Meeting, so Your Coach Knows You

During your video-chat orientation meeting, your coach will get to know you, your unique eating habits, and other lifestyle factors that might pose an obstacle to making nutrition changes. After learning more about you, your coach will give you 1-2 specific and impactful actions to take TODAY that will get you moving towards your goal. Because your coach will take the time to understand you and your unique needs, you can be confident that the recommendations won’t be too strict, or demanding on your schedule and you will not have to suffer through hunger.

Weekly Check-Ins to Keep You on Track

Because we have found that the single most important factor for your success is frequency of communication- your coach will check in on you once per week, every week to provide you a detailed feedback about the week you had, and specific recommendation for the week ahead. This way, even if you feel like you don’t have what it takes to replicate the results you’ve seen other people achieve, you can be confident that you have an expert who will provide you with the baby steps it takes to make drastic changes in the way your body looks and performs in a short period of time.

Unlimited Email Support, for When Life Happens

It's inevitable that your career, dinner with friends and family, family commitments, travel schedule and more will pose obstacles to eating according to your plan. When life happens and you have an urgent question, just reach out to your coach for help troubleshooting the problem. This way, you don’t have to avoid that lunch with your friends because you can be confident that you’ll understand how to make the right choice.

Follow-Up Meetings, so Your Results Last

Since most people fall back into old habits and either gain the weight back, or lose their hard fought for mass after being on a diet, we have determined the reasons why. Mostly, it's because these diets represent a set of eating rules that are almost impossible to follow in real life. In your follow up meeting, we will teach you what it is going to take to solidify your new habits and maintain your progress without having to think about it. It will be automatic, and your results will last long after you’ve finished working 1-on-1 with your coach!

Because we only work with clients who are committed to making lasting changes, you can schedule an interview to determine whether you are ready to work with a Beyond Macros coach below

Can’t find a time that works on the calendar? Email us to set up an interview.