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Today’s episode features Misbah Haque and it’s centered around a very important topic, the ability to connect deeply with people.

Misbah is currently coaching with Marcus Filly at revival strength, he’s host of the airborne mind podcast, and most relevant to today’s conversation, he recently released a course for coaches called the Art and Science of Connection.

[The Art and Science of Connection with Misbah Haque #beyondmacrospodcast”]

This episode is filled with actions you can take to improve your communication and connections with people. This has the major benefit of creating fulfilling relationships where you feel safe being vulnerable and can hold space for others to be expressive with you.

By using these practices to improve your relationships, you are reducing one of the largest contributors to your mental and emotional stress burden which will have a huge impact on your quality of life and health. If you are a coach, this can also help you to connect more deeply with your clients and increase your success rate, referrals, and retention rates.

This episode is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps you get leaner, stronger, and perform better with sustainable habit changes rather than restrictive dieting.

We maintain a low client to coach ratio by design because we believe that if you really want to change, you need a coach who is going to take the time to connect with you and learn your habits and routines. Our 1-on-1 clients meet with their coaches face-to-face over video chat right off the bat.

If your program doesn’t give you FaceTime with a coach, can you really form a human connection and willingness to follow their lead?

Even our group coaching program includes the opportunity to get a human interaction during office hours. This is a key ingredient to making a transformation that lasts.

To get started with your transformation, got to beyondmacros.com and sign up for our free macro counting mini-course.

In This Episode:

[02:00] Tactics that can help you connect more deeply with your clients and increase your success rate, referrals, and retention rates.
[03:28] How Misbah overcame his struggles with connection.
[04:41] The first step in improving your ability to connect with people.
[06:19] How he uses journaling to create space for presence with the people he wants to connect with.
[07:06] A major key to presence.
[08:45] How having presence with the people who you want to connect with is the key to making interactions feel fulfilling.
[10:16] When Misbah truly understood the power of eye contact.
[12:33] How eye contact can help you become a better listener.
[13:49] What made him become great at making people feel safe.
[14:41] Why making people feel safe is important.
[15:36] An example of how he removes barriers to connection.
[16:46] How unacknowledged emotion can have a major effect on communication.
[18:32] How being explicit about emotions can open up a conversation and remove barriers to connection.
[19:27] How to create the space in a productive way when dealing with conflict, confrontation, and expressing how you feel.
[20:36] A great way to practice getting over the fear of making the implicit explicit.


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