About the episode:

Today’s show is an interview I did with a dear friend, and OG Alpha Hippie Angelo Sisco. We chatted a good deal about his stories around masculinity, and what he’s been exploring with his Alpha Hippie Masculine Mastery program.

But just because I’m throwing out words like masculine and alpha, that doesn’t mean this is a show just for men! There are masculine and feminine aspects to all of us, women and men alike.

Angelo and I discussed his personal story about how masculinity was modeled for him as a child, and what it’s taken for him to move from aggressive and closed off, to channel his anger and aggression for good. We discuss what it is to be an Alpha Hippie, as well as Angelo’s lessons around physical and mental mastery.

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In This Episode:

[02:28] About today’s episode.
[03:29] The story of his upbringing.
[07:27] What it was like to him to only express himself through the single emotion of anger as a child.
[08:42] What he used to think about kind people he met.
[10:45] Fears he had about changing his modus operandi.

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