About the episode:

In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview Conner Moore who hosts a podcast called the Pleasure Monkey Podcast. Conner is a former CrossFit Regionals competitor, box owner, and has transitioned towards a life of self-exploration and helping others live a fully expressed and pleasure-filled life.

Conner doesn’t pretend to be a guru, he’s just a guy who has dealt with challenges and talks from experience and is not afraid to be vulnerable.

I was turned on to his show by a mutual friend of ours, and after listening to the first episode instantly knew that I wanted to share the Pleasure Monkey concept with you.

I want to share it because I was killing myself in two ways in my mid-twenties, and I see that it’s a common experience for people of all ages.

First, I was stressed beyond belief, to the point of burnout because I hadn’t created the space to relax. I would feel guilty taking time out of me. I was afraid what others might think, what might go wrong in my work life, how others would be out-hustling and getting ahead of me, or how stuffed my inbox would be after a weekend away.

Second, I hadn’t done the inner work to find the pleasure in overcoming the stress and conflicts in my life. All I could feel was the stress piling on as I fought to stay ahead of all the fires that needed to be put out. And because I was so “busy” firefighting in business, relationships, and just general adulating I wasn’t learning from my experiences, let alone integrating the lessons.

It was an uphill battle that inner work has helped me realize is not a battle at all. All of that stress was self-imposed and I had the personal power to keep it to healthy levels and take care of myself.

When I first heard the pleasure monkey philosophy, it effectively communicated the messages that could have made my stressed-self’s life better, faster.

So what is this pleasure monkey philosophy? Tune in to find out.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[01:24] What he talks about on his podcast.
03:34 How the Pleasure Monkey philosophy was born.
04:17 What the Pleasure Monkey philosophy is all about.
[05:08] A lesson he learned from his dog.
[06:19] How we can find pleasure in everything.
[09:02] He talks about his mission to be as happy as possible with the least amount of resources.
[09:52] How his philosophy has affected his life.
[11:47] What you can do to replicate Conner’s experience of self-growth, without leaving your job.
[13:14] S0me other practices you can do to start embracing the Pleasure Monkey lifestyle.
[15:50] A practice he learned from JP Sears.

Resources Mentioned

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