Have you ever run a client or member experience survey for your business?

If you want to improve client results, increase retention, and referrals (the 3 R’s of any sustainable business!) then member surveys are a foundational step….when done right

But sometimes member surveys don’t lead anywhere besides “I love the service, thanks”. Not much action you can take on that…

But often, I see coaches and gym owners led astray by critical feedback in surveys.

If you have 1/100 clients complaining about something…it might not be that big a deal to the other 99/100 clients.

But if you decide to make changes to your business based on the loud , angry individual without consulting the quiet and content crowd…you might be wasting your time.

Because your business isn’t here to please everyone, it’s here to please your ideal clients.

And in today’s Beyond the Mic Interview I sat down with Marcy Welk of ExperienceRX to teach you how to survey your clients to gain actionable insights, what questions to ask your clients in those surveys, when to survey your clients for the best insights, and how often to survey your clients.

If you want to run effective member surveys and learn how to translate it into actionable insights- this is an episode you won’t want to miss!