Today’s guest is Liz Germain. I met Liz in the jungle and we enjoyed a good rap battle about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but that’s not why I invited her on the show.


Liz Germain is a Youtube master. A true OG of this platform with the massive SuperSisterFitness channel which has over 100k subscribers. And she is also my Youtube mentor.


Liz has generated over 50+ million organic views and tens of thousands of leads for online businesses using YouTube. She helps people set up video automation systems that help increase passive income and 10x their impact online with YouTube SEO.

And in this interview, we cover the 5 biggest mistakes Liz sees business owners making when they start with video marketing.


And I literally made EVERY SINGLE ONE of these mistakes until I took Liz’s free training & Video Growth course


I started, quit, started and quit video soooo many times. And I still have embarrassingly bad videos on this channel (Have you seen them yet?). But the thing is, even my worst videos generate leads for Beyond Macros. And with the information in this interview you will learn how to do video right, from the start.

In case you missed it, our last Beyond the Mic was with Amber Vilhaur.


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