On today’s episode, I am going to share some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about streaks and my own practical application of the concepts.

We’ve spent 2019 talking about some truly impressive streaks. From Marcus Smith completing 30 marathons in 30 days to David Robinson maintaining what is now a 3-year streak of exercising daily, to Brian Casey who has run an average of 5k daily for 42 years, and never less than a mile in a day.

We also heard from Andy Petranek of the Whole Life Challenge about how they help the players create consistent daily habits for overall wellness.

And in the process I’ve been ‘trying on’ some of the lessons I picked up during each interview.

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In This Episode:

[01:00] About today’s episode.
[02:57] One of the main themes that each of our streak heroes echoed.
[03:48] Another theme that came up in each story.
[05:34] Simplifying in the face of what might seem complex.
[06:03] Another beautiful lesson I took from their stories.
[07:31] A quick breakdown about how I’ve been implementing the lessons

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