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Almost two months ago I embarked on a journey to the pacific northwest to be a mentor for a young men’s rites of passage organization that was created by two of my closest friends on this planet – men I consider brothers.

And when you hear rites of passage, you might think we were putting these boys through some grueling physical challenges to earn the right to be called young men. But that’s not how the Journeymen organization works.

In order to create men of the future, we challenge these boys to take a look in the mirror, reflect, discover and express what’s going on in their inner world. We challenge them to search for what type of man they want to be. And then we get them to claim the man they will grow into.

After my 10-days as a mentor, the work is only beginning for Nicky Wilks and Alex Craighead, Journeymen ’s. The magic in their program is that after these life-changing rites of passage they continue to help the young men integrate the lessons and stay accountable for becoming the man they claim they want to become.

So in today’s episode, I asked each of the Journeymen staff to share their favorite questions for self-reflection so that you have some tools you can use in the quiet moments between work, working out, family life and socializing.

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In This Episode:

[04:49] About this episode.
[05:59] Nicky’s big questions.
[08:05] Alex’s big questions.
[10:10] Malik’sbig questions.
[10:59] Ben’s big questions.
[13:17] Walter’s big questions
[17:30] Lucas’big questions.

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