About the episode:

I’m very excited about today’s episode because we cover some topics that I find are often misunderstood and are able to more clearly define what they mean and their benefits.

Topics like mindful eating, eating psychology, and even spirituality. And today’s guest is probably the best person I know to guide us through these topics.

In today’s episode, I chat with Amy Pamensky, the Spiritual Nutritionist. Amy has a very diverse background as a holistic chef, functional nutritionist, eating psychology, and more. Spiritual nutritionist is a movement that supports women to rediscover at their health and happiness through a mind-body and spiritual approach.

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In This Episode:

[03:14] The vision for Spiritual Nutritionist.
[03:56] Amy defines spirituality.
[05:18] Why you would want to show up in the world differently.
[06:39] Why the real work is in understanding yourself and what’s holding you back.
[08:27] Why being selfish can be a good thing.
[09:18] Why people pleasing is a net negative habit.
[10:35] Where the nutritionist meets spirituality.
[11:21] Amy’s approach to mindful eating.

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