About the episode:

In today’s episode, I had a conversation with Frank Agzarian, Beyond Macros’ first coach other than myself, about two topics I am passionate about – travel and personal finances.

As a general rule, we encourage our clients at Beyond Macros to take steps to manage their stress levels. Reducing financial stress and traveling are two amazing ways to achieve those ends.
I especially encourage all of my competitive athlete clients to take time during the off-season to decompress mentally and emotionally and get their ducks in a row financially so they can make the sacrifices necessary during their season.

Sometimes this means stepping away from training and rigid nutritional guidelines!

I feel fortunate to have Frank on our coaching staff and to have had this conversation with him while he’s on a month-long trip to Mexico.

Just a disclaimer, neither Frank nor I are investment advisors and don’t pretend to be. We are fitness professionals and what we talk about is simply anecdotal and is not intended to serve as investment advice. Take anything we say with a grain of salt, and do your own research before making any investments of your own!

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[02:31] Why Frank has been in Mexico for the last few months.
[03:49] Where he’s been, and how much this trip is costing him.
[05:22] Some of the ways Frank is making this trip happen financially.
[08:15] One possible avenue for passive income that Frank and I have taken advantage of.
[10:08] How he avoids living a life that’s constrained by budgets.
[11:29] An important lesson when it comes to minimising expenses.
[12:55] The best trips Frank has experienced for little to no money, and how you can explore similar options.
[14:52] Two trips he’s been on that literally cost him no money.
[17:06] Frank talks about “WOOF’ing”, a free travel experience he had on his current trip to Mexico.
[19:45] How you can maximize your experiences traveling while minimizing how much you spend.
[20:06] And finally, some parting words from Frank.

Resources Mentioned

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