Justin has had an amazing transformation, and he is still going! He has already dropped 26lbs and, after completing an Iron Man 70.3 in May 2017, he will begin training for a FULL Iron Man in October.

Below is an interview between Justin and Beyond Macros founder, Matt Walrath, about Justin’s keys to success working with a Beyond Macros coach!

Matt: What were the problems you faced before starting with a Beyond Macros coach?
Justin: Consistency with my diet. Working out was my go to. I didn’t have trouble finding a workout schedule, sticking to it, and completing a program, but it was always my diet that held me back. It’s always been my diet that stopped me form getting the results that I wanted. After completing the Iron Man 70.3 in October, I realized that I was carrying too much weight and I really needed to focus in on my nutrition to achieve the goals that I wanted. Those goals are a faster Iron Man time, so I saw Beyond Macros and felt like it would propel me to the next level and help me with my nutritional needs.
Matt: What were the biggest obstacles you faced to making changes on your own?
Justin: Fear to tell you the truth. I like sweets, french fries, burgers. Its one of those things where you think, “oh I’m going to go on a diet, I’m going to lose weight, so I’m going to cut everything out.” Things would go great for a little while and then my diet would be a tad bit too strict and I would follow it for a few weeks, then I would get antsy and I would fall off and just ruin the diet. That’s a cycle that went on and on my whole life. Those are the challenges.
Matt: How did working with your coach help you solve these problems?
Justin: They say you can’t accomplish as much alone as you can with help. Thats was my big thing. When Im going through a diet phase I start to feel lonely and low, and thats when by myself I would cheat or binge. With my Beyond Macros coach, he was always there for me to check in and show me everything was OK, I’m probably just going through sugar withdrwals or something! So, he helped me by letting me know someone else was there, someone was in my corner cheering me on and letting me know everything is going to be OK.  Its really as simple as me sending him an email “Hey Frank, I’m really struggling today, I’m really craving a donut, usually if I wasn’t on this program I’d be ordering some fried food right now” and he’d respond and let me know it’s OK, you’re doing great, a simple email like that really helped me through this process.
Matt: What are the lessons you learned with us that will stick?
Justin: Diet isn’t black and white, and patience. My thing has always been expecting quick results- work hard, eat strict, get results fast. But once that’s done I’l go back to my old ways. So patience is one, and the black and white- You’re on a diet and trying to lose weight but its not like if I eat one donut, diet is ruined for the day, and might as well eat 10 donuts. My coach taught me its not black and white, you can have that moderation. There’s a grey area.
Matt: Before getting started with Beyond Macros, what were you worried or apprehensive about?
Justin: I heard those 12-week diet programs people lose weight fast and after 12-weeks blow up. That’s what I was afraid of. There’s always fear starting something new, especially when you feel like you’re doing OK. I felt like my workout plan was perfect, my diet was perfect because it was normal, thats where I was supposed to be. Putting control in someone else’s hands, especially when you feel you’re always right…that’s scary.
Matt: Can you pinpoint when we gained your trust and turned you worries around?
Justin: It was Super Bowl, I got back from NY and went solid for a month, no drinking, super healthy, I was working out hard, losing weight. Then, super bowl came, it was a friend’s birthday…I didn’t drink but there was food, pizza, desserts…I ate a crap ton and felt terrible after. I felt like I ruined the 8-weeks hard work I put in before this, and I reached out to Frank and he told me you’re thinking about it in black and white, and thinking about to like a sprint where after the 12-weeks is over everything is going to go back to normal and you’re done with it. Nutrition and diet is a marathon, it’s a lifelong thing and you need to learn the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. You just lost focus on your goal, and my focus was to slim down and improve my iron man time. Having that conversation with him, letting me know its OK refocus, everything will be fine, and he really switched the mindset for me. Focusing on the short term, over the next 12-weeks I figured 4 more weeks and I’ll be fine. I was thinking about it like a sprint and he changed my mindset to the long term.
Matt: What would you tell someone thinking about working with a Beyond Macros coach?
Justin: Do it and come in with an open mind. Your coach is a coach for a reason. Put everything in their hands and take their advice. Of course, ask questions, but don’t hold back because you have your own thoughts about diet, or diets you’ve done before. Come in with an open mind!
Matt: Can you outline the stats on your transformation, and any unexpected benefits of working with us?
Justin: Started at 216, ended 194. Right now I’m tapering and will complete Iron Man May 14 and will likely hop on another 12 weeks to get down to 175-180.
I realized that I got back to my youthful self. Growing up I wasn’t in to the partying lifestyle. Didn’t have first drink until Sophomore year of college, but Was always playing sports, always athletic. College became partying, then sports. I just got back to enjoying working out and being active. That just fills the alcohol void in my life. Cutting out liquor was big and made me find my love for sports and being active again. I’ve only had 2-3 drinks in 2017!