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Please check out our faq’s below to answer many common questions. If you still need help don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Can my spouse and I have the same meals with the Macros and Meal Planning Program?

The meal recipe pdf should have the same meals if you have the same goals, and you can adjust the portions as necessary. You can also prepare meals and then use the personalized meal planning templates to determine what the right quantity is for each of you to eat!

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Dude! You’re awesome! Will you join my podcast?

Matthew Walrath is happy to discuss appearing on your podcast. However, we do have to be selective on what podcasts we join as we have a very specific belief system for better health and fitness.

If you’d like to invite Matthew to join your show, please email [email protected] your website, mission statement/vision, as well as 3-5 potential talking points that you believe Matthew would be great to speak on.

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I want to be a guest on the Beyond Macros Podcast!

We’re always looking for new guests to join our show. However, we have a very specific belief system at Beyond Macros and are selective about who we invite to join us on the show.

If you’d like to inquire about joining us one day, please send an email to [email protected] Be sure to include in your email your company/website, a brief bio, and a couple of sample points you’d be interested in and qualified to discuss on our show.

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I live in Aus, UK, CAN, or Lithuania. Can I have a coach?

Absolutely! Our coaches are actually located across multiple time-zones and maintain atypical availability to help clients all over the world.

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Is the program just a one time order or is it a month to month program?

That depends. What service are you asking about?

Our Macro and Meal Planning programs are 1-time charge, but you can opt to add coaching.

VIP Coaching and Online Coaching are subscription based plans. However, you can cancel at any time!

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I’m not a Crazy-Crossfitter. Will this work for me?


Our coaches are experienced with all sorts of lifestyles, fitness levels and diets.

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What’s the different between online coaching and VIP coaching?

The biggest differences between Online Coaching and VIP coaching are the intensity of support and coach access. With VIP coaching, you will have monthly calls with your coach, detailed weekly check ins that include food journal reviews, and unlimited access to your coach via email. With our online coaching it is STILL a 1-on-1 coaching experience, and the biggest differences are that you get two calls (but can book more at a discounted rate), the detailed check ins with food journal reviews are done on a MONTHLY basis, and the online check ins are completed on our online platform where you will answer 5 questions and get feedback from your coach. You can also join our weekly office hours where you can chat 1-1 with a coach, or you can ask questions even if you can’t make it live, and view the coach’s answer by simply clicking “view answer” on the video replay.

Both offer some of the most intensive support in the industry, and can be combined via our 9-month program where the first 4 months are VIP 1-1 and the last 5 are Online Coaching. The 9-month program essentially gets you 1 free month of Online coaching and will be the last nutrition coaching you will need because by month 9….you’ll be able to coach yourself!

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I’m Vegan (or Vegetarian), can you help?

Yes. Our coaches are familiar with all sorts of dietary restrictions, whether they be due to allergy or preference.

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I’m Gluten-Free, can you help?

Yes. Our coaches are familiar with all sorts of dietary restrictions, whether they be due to allergy or preference.

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When do I talk to my new coach?

This will depend on which plan you have as to whether or not you would speak with a coach weekly, monthly, or schedule 1-time coaching.

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How can I be a coach?

We have a proven method for coaching. In order to support that, potential coaches MUST hire one of our coaches and go through the program. From there, there is a certification course developed and tested by Matthew Walrath himself.


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Is the initial call free?

Yes. Your initial call with Matthew will be free. There is a $25 fully refundable deposit to hold your place on the calendar. Once the call is completed, you will be immediately refunded.

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