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This week, I chat with Luke Leaman. He is literally the fitness coaches coach and your mind will be blown in this episode.

Today’s episode will challenge your beliefs as I talk to Luke, who is a friend and mentor of mine. There are a lot of people in the industry who throw around buzzwords like cortisol and insulin in order to sound like they have a grasp on endocrinology.

Luke could write a book about hormones. And when fitness “pros” parrot bs that they read on the internet Luke is there to provide a sober counter perspective grounded in real science and decades of experience.

Now I will let you know, Luke is from Texas and lives in Australia so there is no filter for cussing. If you have sensitive ears in the room or car, you might want to throw headphones on or listen later because I am not going to censor him.

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In This Episode, we talk about:

[03:40] What Luke thinks of the whole “fruit makes you fat debate”.
[07:18] Something he says that will blow your mind a bit.
[08:21] Another pet peeve of Luke.
[09:18] How the body is a complex system.
[10:48] Why high cortisol doesn’t necessarily make you fat.
[12:39] The solutions to the some of these challenges.
[14:08] Why you need to get your sleep, food, movement, and stress reduction on point!
[15:43] Why he prioritizes cardiovascular training at the beginning of a training program for muscle gain.
[17:59] Two more important messages he wanted to share about this topic.
[18:44] How Luke approaches cardiovascular work, and all the benefits that it provides.

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