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Today’s episode couldn’t be more perfectly timed. Reader’s Digest just released a laughable list of 14 exercises that are dangerous after 50. And In today’s episode, we will be talking about how to stay fit and healthy for the long run through an amazing story of a man who hit an all-time PR powerlifting total on his 60th birthday at 1000lbs. 

Before we dive in to this awesome story, We have two awesome giveaways for you this week. As always, we are giving away our calorie and macro calculator worksheet away free at beyondmacros.com/worksheet. This week we’re also giving away the two books that have had a huge impact on our coaching style, and that I believe you will love and benefit from on your path to making a sustainable transformation.

One of those books is the Willpower instinct which influenced episode 46 which you can listen to at beyondmacros.com/46. The other book is the Power of Habit which we alluded to way back in episode 13, which you can listen to at beyondmacros.com/13

Remember, our name is Beyond Macros because there is way more to nutrition than a set of 4 numbers. That’s why we give this info away for free. It’s like a CrossFit gym posting their workout publicly online. The real magic is in what happens when you show up to get coaching and engage with the community.

This show is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps you make a sustainable transformation through realistic habit changes rather than restrictive dieting.

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In This Episode:

[02:40] The purpose of this 1000lb challenge.
[04:20] Where the story of his quest for 1000lb powerlifting total on his 60th really begins.
[06:17] Something about his experience in the minors that I think affected his ability to reach his goal of 1000lbs.
[07:15] A time when he was in the worst shape of his life.
[09:00] A mistake that became a massive opportunity for him.
[09:40] When he fell in love with Crossfit and moved towards nutrition coaching with beyond macros Coach Raye.
[11:47] His path to hitting his goals after hip replacement.
[13:14] Using the Mind Muscle Project Training Journal to keep track of his progress and stay accountable.
14:36 On hitting his 1000lb club lifts.
[15:35]  Obstacles he had to face on his road to hitting his goals.

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