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In today’s episode, we’ll cover how to use body composition testing ranging from DXA scans to scales, how accurate they actually are,  an interesting case where someone was able to massively manipulate the results of their DXA scan and the lessons we can take from that case.  

I interviewed Dr. Gary Slater for this episode because he has published at least 11 studies that examine the accuracy of and best practices for using a variety of body composition assessments.

I had the opportunity to meet Gary at his office at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Beautiful Queensland Australia.

Listen to my chat with Dr. Gary Slater to find out more in this weeks episode of the Beyond Macros Podcast.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[02:18] Why Dr. Slater is so interested in researching anthropometry – the study of taking body measurements.
[03:06] How an anesthetist manipulated his DXA scan to win an office bet.
[05:59] A study conducted by Dr. Slater and his team that looked at how different factors affect the accuracy of each mode of body composition testing.
[08:22] How they used a model to test how different factors affect each method.
[10:17] How other models they tested fared.
[12:02] If it’s necessary to get your body composition measured using less accurate devices.
[12:34] Dr. Slater’s recommendation for minimizing testing error.
[13:58] How DXA is the go-to method for tracking the change in body composition between body regions which is very useful for injured athletes.
[15:13] How the findings from this study affect the results of all prior research using these methods to assess the effectiveness of training or diet interventions.

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Bonus Audio: Dr. Slater’s recommendations for taking accurate skinfold measurements

Skinfold Calculator

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