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I met today’s guest Dr. Mike T Nelson in Costa Rica at Dr. ben House’s beginner’s mind retreat at the oasis he built in the jungle known as Flo retreat center.

Mike is a researcher who has contributed to a number of studies I’ve found quite valuable. You’d think as a researcher this guy would be boring.

But he shared a presentation on fasting, and if you’ve ever seen him give a presentation you know it falls somewhere between stand-up comedy and a lecture from your favorite college professor.

With all the questions I’ve been getting about fasting, I wanted to share Mike- the metabolic flexibility guy’s perspective. I am actually in the middle of a 24-hour fast as I record this episode because I am testing out Dr. Mike’s protocol.

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In This Episode:

[04:20] Understanding metabolic flexibility.
[07:15] His thoughts on Keto from a performance perspective.
[08:48] A study on fat metabolism.
[09:45] A mind-blowing finding from the study.
[14:36] His approach to take for creating metabolic flexibility.
[17:11] A study where bodybuilder using a Targeted or cyclic Ketogenic approach lost muscle
[18:13] The secret to driving fat metabolism.

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