About the episode:

In this episode, we chat with Jeff Chilton, a mushroom expert, and owner of NAMMEX – North American Medicinal Mushroom Extracts – to teach us about these fun fungi. It’s the second episode in our forgotten food groups series, and it is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros. 

If you’re like me, you love everything about mushrooms. The way they look, the way they taste, the savory mouthfeel they lend to a dish. You may even appreciate that fungus play a major role in the health of trees, or can help.

If you’re like a large population of people who are repulsed by mushrooms, their texture, and taste- have no fear of this episode. You can still benefit from the magical power of mushrooms.

Listen to our chat with Jeff, as he goes into detail about mushrooms, why they are important to us, the nutritional benefits of them and much more.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[01:45] A anatomy lesson on mushrooms.
[06:02] Why mushrooms are actually a nutritional powerhouse.
[08:57] The different compounds that can be found in edible mushrooms.
[09:42] Why not all mushrooms are the same.
[10:52] How different mushrooms have different levels of beta glucans.
[11:22] Some other medicinal compounds that mushrooms contain.
[11:54] The benefits of the beta glucans and triterpenes found in mushrooms.
[14:38] An awesome benefit of triterpenes.
[15:48] How mushrooms can have some acute effects when taking in higher doses.
[16:57] A bonus fact about mushrooms.
[17:50] What extract will provide the most benefit at the lowest cost over time.
[19:36] A quick caveat about when to eat mushrooms as a food and when to take it as an extract.
[20:40] Jeff’s recommendations for how to cook mushrooms.
[22:26] Jeff talks about some of his favorite Japanese mushrooms.

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