With all of the changes at CrossFit HQ, and with the major changes to the CrossFit Games qualification process I know a lot of people are questioning their commitment to competitive programs. And for a lot of people, this is a scary space to be in. Showing up to the gym, following a program, eating right and doing the things necessary to recover were automatic.

The idea that one day your hard work might lead to regionals or the master’s qualifiers made motivation easy. When regionals were axed and the season became uncertain, I know a lot of my regionals and regional bubble athletes started to question their priorities.

And for a lot of people, these changes meant giving up on competitive training and finding what life after CrossFit competitions looks like. With the 2019 CrossFit Open starting today, I figure now is the best time to release an episode about finding a balance between training and the other areas of life.

I interviewed Michael Cazayoux, a former 2x Games Champion on the legendary Ute CrossFit team about his own path to finding more balance in his life after he learned he would need a spinal fusion surgery that would end his competitive career.

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In This Episode:

[04:23] Michael finding that there was still some depression for him.
[06:05] Using the phrase ‘buckets’ to describe the different areas of life that he can pour energy in and ‘fill up’.
[07:01] If having no buckets was necessary for his athletic success.
[07:52] Developing new buckets when the fitness bucket disappeared.
[09:21] Something that set him on the path he’s on today.
[11:32] Where he’s grown the most recently.

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