About the episode:

Today’s episode originally aired last year after the once-legendary CrossFit regionals. It is an amazing story about how one of my clients, Tim Mustion, turned his life around and went from living on the streets to a regionals athlete in just two years time.

He placed 9th in the Open last year and pulled out an amazing 6th place finish on the Triple 3 event as an individual at regionals this year. He loves life, trains hard in a gym full of his best friends and role models, and gets out fishing on a regular basis.

But things weren’t always this way for Tim. His sobriety date is September 14th 2015.

Tim is an addict in long-term recovery, and you might think this is a story about how CrossFit saved him. It’s not. In fact, Tim admits CrossFit may have been the thing keeping him from staying sober.

Listen to Tim’s full story on the podcast.

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In This Episode:

[04:49] About Tim.
[05:50] How CrossFit may have been the thing keeping him from staying sober.
[06:55] His struggle with heroin.
[12:00] A moment of clarity through the haze.
[13:40] When he found a role model, a sponsor, a program, and a community.
[14:43] About his foundation.
[18:01] His climb from addiction to the top.
[18:49] Earning his CrossFit Level 1, 2 and CF Football certifications throughout his active addiction.
[19:45] His hard work paying off.

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