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Ready to hear another empowering nutrition coach success story? I’m going to share one of the brilliant launch strategies. One of my clients Colby used to generate 15,000 a month of coaching clients. And this amazing month of coaching enrollments came in December when most coaches tend to close up shop because they think nobody signs up in December.

Instead of giving up, Colby implemented the strategy he shares in this episode and booked pre-sold leads per week onto his calendar without running any ads or sending any cold DMs. Plus, we discuss how he could get even more leverage with this strategy next time around.

As a reminder, this episode is a snippet from one of the weekly live training sessions we do in the online nutrition coach community Facebook group. Stay tuned!

In this episode we cover:
• Introduction [00:00]
• Colby’s humble beginnings as a nutrition coach. [02:49]
• How Colby generated 15,400 new clients in just four weeks! [06:38]
• Charging from $200 a month to $2,000 for 12 weeks! [09:06]
• Getting clear on who you’re serving, what your offers are, and creating more conversations. [12:47]
• Stop playing small and start playing big so you can live your dream lifestyle. [13:30]
• How Colby hammered his personal page with social proof. [16:31]
• Dropping the employee mindset if you’re considering entrepreneurship. [20:23]

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