How Much Content Do I Need?

Are you leveraging content correctly? If you’re like most coaches I talk to, you feel like you need to post something fresh and unique on every social media channel, email, and maybe even start a podcast. You publish the content, and even if you’ve built a decent audience, you just don’t see the content creating any leads!

This video was actually prioritized because the members of the Online Nutrition Coaching Community have been so thirsty for me to share my thoughts on content creation.

You know putting out content is a great way to establish your authority, and there are plenty of successful marketers who sing content marketing’s praises, but you just haven’t managed to make it work consistently for you and your business.

Be Strategic Leveraging Your Content

But have you ever been strategic with your content? Or are you stuck in the “oh crap, I need to post something” cycle. You grab any old picture of yourself and quickly write a caption for social media without any strategic planning?

If you want to learn how to get so far ahead with your content creation that you never have an “oh crap moment again” and if you want to create content that builds your authority and generates leads…listen up!

Speak To Your Ideal Client

The first issue I see coaches struggling with when it comes to content creation is that they talk about what THEY want to talk about. They talk about what’s interesting to them, and that goes a mile over your ideal clients’ heads.

Instead of speaking to where your prospects are at, you are talking to your peers. And this simply doesn’t put your prospective clients in a position where they’re thinking “wow, Matt is the guide I’ve always been looking for.”

They might think “Matt is a smart guy”. But, then they end up working with a more savvy marketer who is speaking DIRECTLY to the internal and external struggles they’re experiencing.

And that’s where you need to start with your content marketing strategy.

First, you need to identify your ideal clients and actually TALK TO THEM to develop an intimate understanding about what their external and internal struggles are that you can solve, plus how they FEEL about those struggles.

What Are Your Struggles With Leveraging Content?

I talk to a lot of coaches. Many of them tell me one of their struggles is consistently posting content that gets engagement and leads. That’s their external struggle. Their internal struggles are the feelings of imposter syndrome. They’ll never understand this marketing thing. And, the insecurity that they won’t be able to make their business work. And add to that the feeling of overwhelm when they compare their content creation efforts to that of a company or individual with more resources!

Because I know all of these things about my ideal clients- online nutrition coaches- I am able to make this video and speak directly to you and your struggles. Yes, you.

And, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been there.

But, even though I’ve been there, I took the time to open up conversations with coaches who are struggling with content strategy. I was able to dig deep into those struggles, which has helped me create this video which directly addresses your issues.

I could have made this video based on my knowledge alone.  I could have talked about what I want to talk about.

But that wouldn’t resonate with you and you’d skip to the next video!

Defining Your Ideal Client

Take this first step of getting intimately familiar with your ideal clients, head to This free resource will help you learn how to identify and speak to your ideal client.

When I did this, I was able to plan a year’s worth of content. And, you’re probably watching this video 2-3 months after I filmed it.

Which brings me to my next point.

Batching Content is a MUST – Or you sacrifice your soul

If you want to compete with the big guys, and have a content marketing strategy that converts WITHOUT sucking your soul. You HAVE TO batch your content creation.

If you’ve heard this before and are shaking your head “I already know that” but haven’t been batching your content creation….listen up.

I’m guilty. I used to research, write, and record every Beyond Macros podcast last minute for 80 episodes. During that time, I was making IG posts last minute on Canva. And I was writing blog posts about entirely separate things. Emails were usually the first thing I’d skip writing even though they were the most profitable marketing channel for Beyond Macros.

The biggest batch of content I’d ever create was planning out social media posts a week in advance. That is NOT batching content.

Leverage Your Content Batching Atleast 3 Months

If you want your content creation to stay strategic, pro-active, and stress free- you should have enough content for 3-months minimum created. This is the basis of learning how to leverage your content.

But don’t worry about creating 3-months of content TODAY. Here’s how I built up to being 12-weeks ahead of my publishing schedule.

And it’s really simple. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it….

Leveraging Content Across All Channels

I create 6 big, weekly content pieces per month. Then, I leverage that content across all channels.

This means, every month you create 6 content pieces that speak directly to your ideal client, you have a 2 week surplus of content. After 6 months, you will have a 12-week surplus of lead generating, authority building content.

Transform the Same Content for Different Outlets

And that brings me to the third area I see coaches struggling with their content strategy- and that’s treating each marketing channel as an independent outlet that needs it’s own content.

Yes, you want to post the right content in the right format on the right channel. However, that doesn’t mean you have to create a whole new message for video, social media, blog, email, podcast, etc.

Remember how I said I used to write, record and edit podcasts the week they’d be published? Well, in addition to not being strategic with the content, I also never leveraged it properly.

Lastly, I promoted the show across each channel, sending a link to the show out on social channels and email lists. I even sent it to media outlets and newsletters that might repost it. However, that doesn’t mean I leveraged it.

Leveraging content means you take one piece of content and use it to create many pieces.

Here’s what promoting my podcast looked like:

  1. First, I would send the episode link out to my email list and ask them to listen.
  2. Next, I would put the link to the episode in my Instagram profile and make a post with an Audiogram asking people to go to my bio, click the link and listen.
  3. Then, I’d post the IG Audiogram on Facebook and link to the episode and ask people to listen to the whole episode.
  4. Finally, I posted a blog with the episode and show notes, asking people to listen to the episode.

Notice how I ALWAYS asked people to LISTEN to the episode NO MATTER what channel they were on?

  • People are on social media to scroll, double tap, and comment emojis for a few minutes in line at the grocery store. Not listen to a 20 minute podcast.
  • When people read a blog, it’s because they want to read words and see pictures to support those words.
  • Email and social media is used when people are either on their email at work, or like social media while checking their email quickly killing time at the DMV or in line somewhere. They might not have headphones, or enough time to listen to a podcast.

People want the content formatted for the channel they’re ON.

And that’s what content LEVERAGING does.

My Current Strategy to Leveraging Content:

  1. First, I film a video. It gets posted to YouTube and Facebook natively.
  2. I have a video editor who formats the video for IGTV and Instagram.
  3. Then, I send the video with a podcast intro and outro file to my podcast editor. It becomes a podcast, too.
  4. Next, I format the video script and it becomes a blog post.
  5. The blog post can be turned into an email newsletter and cut into captions for social media posts.
  6. I take one piece of content: a video, and I turn it into what feels like infinite pieces of content.

Granted, I spend a bit of money to leverage the content across all these channels, but you don’t have to go from 0 to 100.

Focus on One Channel, First

In fact, in the Beyond Macros certified coach course I teach you to FOCUS ON ONE marketing channel that you’ll become an expert in before spreading yourself thin.

Leveraging content, you can create content for that ONE channel. Then, leverage the content it in as many ways as makes sense for you. Just make sure to pick the distribution channels that your ideal client is likely to be using.

Example: If you’re working with 50+ year olds — don’t worry about leveraging content for SnapChat!

Have your joined our Online Nutrition Coaching Community? Create a post and let me know what your content strategy has looked like up until now- do you batch or fly by the seat of your pants? Are you leveraging content? Or do you promote?