About the episode:

Today’s episode is probably going to be the most useful and eye-opening show we’ve ever created. I am going to take you into my brain when I am calculating macros. You will learn what I consider, what trade-offs are made, and how I eventually settle on a set of numbers for my clients.

Second, you may have noticed that the little blue arrow icon hasn’t been popping up in your podcast feed lately. And I’ll be completely honest it’s because this show takes HOURS to create every week and there is only so much time in a day. Other projects have taken up the hours I would normally put towards producing podcast episodes and I am not willing to just pump out lower quality episodes to keep up with a content publishing schedule.

And the time away has made me realize that I really want to create something unique and special with this podcast. My goal at the start was to create a “planet money” NPR style podcast for fitness. Just cut straight to the GOLD. And it takes a lot to produce a show like that. So I set up a patreon page where you can become a supporter of the show. 100% of what we receive in support for the podcast will go into keeping it sponsor free and increasing the quality of shows we are able to investigate and produce.

You can learn more at patreon.com/beyondmacros. We have some awesome incentives for supporting, including a Skype consult with me, or a lifetime membership to our group program at the highest levels.

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In This Episode:

[00:56] About or giveaway.
[01:11] About our new Patreon page.
[02:34] What you need to know about body composition goals.
[02:55] About our calorie and macro calculation worksheet.
[04:19] The first thing I do when I calculate macros for my individual clients.
[06:14] Other considerations that I look at.
[06:36] A really important consideration when calculating macros.
[07:19] What I do after synthesizing the full picture.
[09:01] A piece of advice for CrossFit athletes.

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