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In this week’s episode, I’m doing something different. Right now is a very hectic time as I am on the doorstep of our group program launching and competing in tough Mudder X.

I don’t have time for my normal process of cutting down a 90-minute interview into a normal bite-sized interview or doing extensive research reviews so this week I am just going to speak to you directly from my experience. 

I recently decided I needed to lose about 10lbs off an already lean frame to be competitive at Tough Mudder X. Unfortunately, I knew I wasn’t in a place where I’d have the time to weigh and measure my food. I needed it to be convenient and quick. So, based on my experience I committed to a few habits which I knew would move the needle. I also hired a former client, Rich Ryan of reinforced running to be my running coach. Tune in to hear more about how I lost 10lbs with 3 simple behaviors.

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In This Episode:

[04:14] The first behavior change I did.
[05:13] The second habit that helped me on this journey.
[06:03] And finally, the third habit.

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Reinforced Running

The One thing

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