About the episode:

Today’s show is actually the first I am doing in our new video interview series that will be on the Beyond Macros Youtube.

As you may have heard a few weeks ago, we have 10 coaches going through the new Beyond Macros Certified coach program and my goal is to help educate coaches about how to deliver a true VIP experience to create sustainable transformations for their clients.

And I am filming a new series of interviews with other coaches and business owners who will share their experiences and insights. Today’s show is the audio from one of those interviews that I did with Ryan Fischer, and it was such a good story I want to share it with all of you.

Ryan Fischer is famous for having a turtle shell for an abdomen, and a bit notorious in the CrossFit scene after telling a judge at regionals “I will f*cking kill you” after a few no reps. Dave Castro and the CrossFit Games posted a video shaming him and that was a major turning point for Ryan.

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In This Episode:

[02:28] About today’s episode.
[03:50] About the incident that made him notorious.
[05:16] What homelessness was like to him.
[17:53] How he’s only recently figured things out.
[27:17] Why he only wants to create quality products.

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