Why do you want to learn how to become a 6-figure coach? The term “6-figures” is thrown around so much these days. It’s pretty much become the gold standard for “this person has ‘made it’.” 

However, this all depends on how you define success. If you go rushing towards six figures like I did, without putting a solid foundation in place, you might end up closer to six figures in debt!

A six figure business is not created overnight.

Even though Beyond Macros billed six-figures of coaching from year 1…I was already billing that much when I was coaching as an individual. It took me 6-years to hit my first 6-figure year.

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I was BURNT OUT when I finally hit that 6-figure mark. 

I was still grinding with Personal Training because I was able to charge a very high hourly rate due to having a specialized skill set and reputation in my community, in a high median income area (Los Angeles). And — on top of that, I was running a 6-figure nutrition coaching business “on the side”.  It was all consuming.

How To Become a 6-Figure Coach: Hire Help

When I finally hired help and distributed my client load to the two coaches I hired, my business income boomed. However, my take home income dipped under 6-figures. Now, I found myself with WAY more time on my hands and I was WAY happier. 

I picked back up hobbies like playing guitar, had the time to train for CrossFit Games regionals again, and ended up traveling the world for 18-months.

How To Become a 6-figure Coach: Balancing Income vs Happiness

I’d say I was most successful earning under 6-figures while LIVING the life I wanted to live. Now, I’ve found that I can have my 6-figure cake, and eat it, too.

And I’m here to show you what it takes to be a 6-figure coach. 

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How Much Does It Take  to Become a 6-Figure Coach?

Let’s say you’re pricing yourself at $120USD equivalent per month. This is the average price coaches are charging when they sign up for this program.  You would have to coach 834 client months to tick over the $100,000 yearly income mark.

If your average client is with you for 3-months, that means you need to coach 278 clients in a year. You need to close a new client every 1.3 days. What if you have a close rate of 70% on initial calls? You would need to take 397 client discovery calls per year. That’s more than one per day, in order to hit 6-figures.

If 1% of website visitors convert to an initial call, which is generous, you need 39714 unique visitors per year to your calendar page to get that many calls. That’s a lot of time spent dialing in marketing and getting new eyes.

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  • Now, you have much less time and energy to provide a VIP experience to the 70 active clients you’d be managing.
  • Clients drop off and don’t refer.
  • You are stuck in a cycle of being forced to pay for new traffic who doesn’t know you take forever to respond to emails and are stressed out to the point you don’t practice what you preach.

What Goals Needed to Become a 6-figure income coach?

I made a simple spreadsheet calculator to show you how manipulating 3 variables- price, client lifetime, and number of clients allows you to hit 6 figures. 

Use it to figure out, based on what you’d consider ‘winning’ how much you need to price your services at, how long you need clients to stick around for, and how many clients you need to work with.

Balancing Happy And Business: 70/30

In terms of happiness and security, my recommendation is to get aim for a solid baseline of clients who you can provide an amazing experience to, while generating 70,000 per year in income.

Once you get there, you’ve got two options to earn the remainder of your six figures.

You can do this by:

  • Working more hours, which eats into your freedom and happiness.
  • You can use what you’ve learned building a system that consistently gets clients results, and sell that in a way where you get more leverage.

By leverage, I mean something where one hour of your time creating an uncapped earning potential- like seminars, group coaching, or even info products.

But leveraged products will not give you a secure baseline of income. They are not relationship building, and are unlikely to deliver reliable recurring revenue. They are one-off purchases.

Build Your 1-on-1 Coaching Foundation, First

So, start with 1-1 coaching and build your empire on that solid foundation. 

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Again, you can download the 6-figure Income Calculator to start playing around with what it will take to push your business over that 100,000 per year mark.

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