Why do you want to build your online nutrition coaching business? What’s your motivation? Do you have the fantasy of spending your days drinking a cold brew coffee in a villa on a beach in Bali, supporting your travels with a 100% online coaching business? Or do you just want to be able to have the flexibility to spend time with your kids when they’re home, and work while they’re at school, sports practice, and music lessons? Or maybe you just want to be able to scale your business and start working with your ideal clients no matter where they live.

What’s your MOTIVATION for building your Online Nutrition Coaching Business?

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No matter what your motivation, you probably see that building an Online Nutrition Coaching business is going to give you:

  1. Much more flexibility with your schedule,
  2. Allow you to work from anywhere, and
  3. Attract more of your ideal clients instead of just working with people because they live in your local community.

This video will teach you what it takes to build a nutrition business online.

I Built My Online Nutrition Coaching Business – You Can Too!

I know how to do this because I started the online nutrition coaching business, Beyond Macros, back in 2016.  I was coaching clients online as early as 2012! ….And I am still continuing to learn how to run an Online Nutrition Coaching business better every day. Subscribe to our You Tube Channel and check out my success story!

Putting the right BUSINESS foundations in place will make sure everything runs smoothly and professionally, while, spending only 20% of your time on admin and marketing and 80% on delivering a VIP experience that gets clients results worth sharing.

Where Do I Start When Building My Online Nutrition Coaching Company?

  1. Automating client billing. Without being able to take payments, you don’t have a business!
  2. Organizing and storing client data. If you don’t maintain useful client records your business won’t scale.
  3. Putting up a minimal website. It’s for people who DON’T know you can find you, book consults, and get on your email list.

DISCLAIMER: Grow Your Online Nutrition Coaching Business LEGALLY and ETHICALLY

I do want to make a disclaimer!  You should make yourself aware of local regulations and laws in terms of what type of nutrition advice you can and can’t give depending on the license or certifications you currently hold.

Seriously, if you do not have a formal education in nutrition, or even a basic certification, that is your first step to creating an online nutrition coaching business.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, and following influencers is respectable. However, it does not make you a nutrition expert nor does not qualify you to coach other people. It only means that you can repeat information you’ve heard someone else say.

Make sure you develop at least a basic understanding of the science of nutrition, how the body works, and how food affects the way the body works before working with clients. Giving nutrition advice might seem harmless, but I have had loads of people who we’ve had to fix after an unqualified person gave them misguided nutrition advice.

3 Basic Foundations for Building Your Online Nutrition Coaching Business

Automating client billing

So, the first foundational piece of starting a nutrition business online is to set up a system for taking payments from your clients online.

Automating your billing will save you a lot of time and hassle by:

  • Not requiring you to invoice every client at every interval;
  • Makes it easier for you to track who has paid and who hasn’t, and
  • Assisting you in collections, if needed.

Currently, I now use Stripe, but do your research to figure out which payment processor works best for you. For you, it could be your local bank or credit union, an online bank big or small online payment processor. Check out their features for reporting, storing information and how they pay out the funds you’ve collected.

Organizing and Storing Client Data

Next, we will focus on when building an online nutrition coaching business is on your systems for collecting and storing client data. Your systems will help you:

  • Look professional, especially if you are charging a premium for your coaching;
  • Make it easy for your client to check in and input their check in data and
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes you to access and use your client’s check in data.

Putting Up a Minimal Website

Finally, the last thing you need to do to build the foundation for your online coaching business is to set up a basic website. This helps people who don’t know who you are validate you. They heard about you from a friend and now they want to know more and see that you are who their friend says you are.  Be sure to include these key features on your website. Remember, people viewing your website want to know more about you, that you are qualified to help them and that you are reachable.

  • You’ve helped people like them make transformations;
  • That you have a philosophy for coaching that they resonate with and
  • There is a a place where they can book an appointment with you.

Learn More: How to Build Your Online Nutrition Business with the Beyond Macros Online Coaching Certification

If you have been working with some clients already who you found through personal connections or at the gym, and you are wondering:

  1. How to move your coaching business online.
  2. Where to find clients who DON’T already know you.
  3. And, provide your clients with a VIP experience (without feeling like the business is sucking your soul).

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Beyond Macros offers an Online Coaches Certification developed and tested by Beyond Macros Founder and CEO, Matt Walrath. Spaces are limited as our Coaching Certification focuses on empowering each member to truly grow their own online nutrition business. Coaches and prospect coaches will learn through this program about (with EXTREME detail) both the online nutrition coaching process, and how to run a successful and profitable online nutrition coaching business.