Grow Your Online Coaching Business w/ The VIP Client Experience

If you’re like me, you’ve read the 4 hour workweek, and tried to create a passive income business. Maybe you watched a webinar about how to launch a 6 or 7 figure online course business. 

…And then spent hours creating a course on the side that 2 people bought.

    …Or maybe you’ve tried to offer a super low cost service- like once off macro calculations for $39 dollars.

If you haven’t walked this path, let me save you the energy. Low cost, impersonal products will not help you build a sustainable and profitable business. 

Instead, if you can master how to provide a VIP client experience with a premium coaching program — you will achieve the 3 R’s of sustainable business much quicker. Expect results, retention, and referrals.

What *IS* a VIP Experience?

You might have some ideas in your head about what a VIP experience is. But for the next 10 minutes, let’s drop the assumptions and get to some definitions.

VIP stands for “very important person.” Thus, a VIP customer experience is one that makes your clients feel like they’re a very important person. Pretty straightforward, right?

This details are going to differ depending on who your ideal client is. And, I’ll discuss how you can uncover what your premium coaching clients are willing to pay for.

Make Every Premium Coaching Client Have the VIP Customer Experience

There is ONE thing I can guarantee will make every client feel like a “VIP”. They should feel like your only client! 

…And to truly deliver, a VIP experience is one that provides MORE than the client expects. As a nutrition coach, this means that weekly check ins might be a feature of your program. However, if you’re just there for a standard once-per-week check in that’s not VIP. 

That is not going to create a raving fan, one who sticks around and generates referrals. Which by the way, retention and referrals are two of the major benefits of a VIP client experience. When you have retention and referrals you can spend less time and money on marketing.

Premium Coaching Doesn’t Mean More Communication

Back to the example- if you just check in on a client once per week with crickets in between, it gives the client too much opportunity to fall off the wagon. So you might not even shepherd them to good results.

A VIP experience makes your client feel so important that you actually THINK about them and CARE about them in the space between your formal check ins.

…But don’t make the mistake I see many coaches make when they create a VIP coaching offering. Most coaches think MORE communication is the way to create a premium service.

Most VIPs are busy. They hired you to make their transformation easier. And, having to schedule more calls with you is NOT making their journey easier. Quite the opposite actually.

Executive Premium VIP Customer Experience

I remember when I was trying to sell high ticket coaching to executives. One of my clients who was a CEO of a half billion dollar company. He said,

Matt, the information you’re giving me is great but I am just too busy to follow all of these steps. Can you simplify it for me? I know I might not get the same level of results, but its better than nothing!

As it turns out, a VIP experience for this guy was less contact with me, and less information. So, I had to get creative. How could I justify my rate if he was getting less of my time?!

In this case, the solution was for me to act like a trusted advisor and managed a team to support him. 

It involved getting the introduction to his office manager and improving the food available at the office- both snacks and catered lunches. 

I helped him in finding a personal chef who suited his needs and could even do his grocery shopping, but also making sure she understood his nutrition needs.

I also had to recognize that he lived by his notifications on his phone, and that we could set up notifications throughout the day to make sure he was getting timely information rather than having to remember all of the complex rules I’d given him for decision making.

Define YOUR Ideal Client

This isn’t necessarily what you need to do to create a VIP experience for your ideal clients. How can you start to uncover what your ideal client is willing to pay a premium for? 

It all starts with an intimate knowledge of your client avatar. Check out our free downloadable that includes a few worksheets that will help you sort out what a VIP experience looks like for your clients. 

What Premium Services Will Your Clients Pay For?

Let’s say your clients are salespeople who travel a lot for work. Think about the services they are willing to pay a premium for. 

Take air travel, for example. They may upgrade to economy plus or business class because they fly so frequently and can’t stand coach. Think about the additional perks that prompted the purchase decision. 

If you know that your client prefers business class because they get to skip lines, and there are less people competing for the same number of lavatories or the flight attendants attention, you might realize that your clients don’t want to wait for individual attention. And, they want full access to their amenities without waiting in line for them.

You can then adapt and apply this to your service offerings.  You know your clients are already willing to pay a premium for these benefits.

Experience A VIP Customer Experience With Premium Services

For example, you might give them priority support where their questions get answered in under 8 hours (you need time to sleep!) and you strategically keep your client roster small. 

Go out for yourself and experience the premium products and services your clients are paying for. Consider this a little bit of market research mixed with self care 😉

If you’re thinking this all sounds like too much work, or if you have fears around charging a premium for your services, consider these other reasons for adding a VIP service offering to your mix.

  1. First off, it means you’ll get even better results for your clients. If you execute on the idea that every client should feel like your only client, that means you’ll be able to stay on top of any struggles or issues they’re having and address it they fall completely off the rails.
  2. If you’re waiting until a formal weekly check in to deal with struggles, or expecting that your client will reach out every time they hit a hang up- think again.

Learn Your Client’s Roadblocks!

Most people are people-pleasers by nature. They might not reach out or share their struggles because they don’t want to feel like they’re bothering you. Or they might not share their struggles because they want to impress their coach.

You can’t rely on your client to communicate when they’re hitting a roadblock.

With a VIP service, your client will be paying you well enough that you can maintain a high level of care and attention, and be proactive about reaching out. If you can anticipate or catch an issue before it throws your client off the rails, you’ll be able to get them better results and consistency.

I had one client who would start eating lots of RX bars when shit hit the fan at work. If I saw RX bars popping up more than once in her food journal- I knew I needed to send her a text of support because she’d be too overwhelmed by email.

VIP Client Experience Leads to Referrals

And if you watched our video about how to get referrals– you first need to get share worthy results. (Or you can check out the blog post) 

If you’re worried that charging a premium means people won’t stick around as long, think again!

Our VIP coaching clients stick around longer than our online coaching clients. The biggest difference between those two programs is that the online coaching clients only have formal check ins whereas our VIP clients have coaches checking in on them more frequently.

One of the reasons we can get the best results for our VIP coaching clients is because we can get to know them on a deeper level. Since we know them on a deep level and form that relationship we become a trusted adviser through all phases of their fitness journey. 

Increase Retention with Premium Coaching

One VIP client emailed me and said,

I keep thinking I’m done with the program because I’ve reached my goal and I can’t afford it. But then I find ways to make it work because I just love the program and my coach so much.

This client was worried about the price for 3-months of coaching on our initial call, and I told her she could always transition to our online coaching program if she needed to financially. She ended up sticking out our VIP program for 9-months and hit all of her goals —  From fat loss, to pull ups, to muscle gain and learning how to maintain her weight for life.

I’m convinced the only reason we had the opportunity to help her make this transformation, and stick around long enough to make it happen was due to the VIP experience her coach provided.

Additionally, she referred two more highly motivated and successful clients and consistently posted about her story on social media which generated more awareness for Beyond Macros. If you’re seeing this – thank you!! 🙂

High Ticket Coaching Continually Generates Referrals

The VIP experience makes referrals even easier. Honestly, most people are afraid to ask for the referral EVEN when they have raving fans for clients. However, when you’ve created a deep connection with your client over time, they will WELCOME the referral ask.

…And, if you ask for the referral correctly, it shows your client first and foremost that you think they’ve made a stunning transformation. Remember, most people are people-pleasers. This shows them you’re pleased. So, when you properly train your client how to refer people to you, it makes things less awkward for them.

A VIP experience achieves the top 3 objectives for any sustainable coaching business: results, retention, and referrals!

So what are you waiting for? Download the worksheets to get clear view about what high ticket coaching looks like for your business. Drop a comment or join the Online Nutrition Coach Community on Facebook to let me know what you come up with.

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