Today’s episode begins in one of my favorite cities in the US. This city only exists for one week every year, and it is famous to outsiders for orgies and drugs, and to insiders for its ten principles and magic moments of connection.

That city is Black Rock City, the home of burning man. And Ashley Bledsoe was having an absolute blast and experiencing a deep connection with her husband, Mike because they went Rogue and camped by themselves.

I promise this episode will not be an advertisement for burning man. I only bring up these expansive experiences Ashley was having to contrast it to what came next. Ashley’s brother had to have heart surgery, and she had to fly straight from burning man to Tampa, Florida to take care of him while he recovered.

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In This Episode:

[02:40] About today’s episode.
[03:10] Having a blast and experiencing a deep connection with her husband at Black Rock City.
[09:11] How she had to fly straight from burning man to Tampa, Florida to take care of her brother while he recovered from heart surgery.
[05:56] A physical roadblock to her expansion.
[07:15] How she took action to overcome this roadblock.
[08:51] How her lack of experience actually led to some insecurity that almost kept her from trying in the first place.
[09:41] How overcoming the fear has translated into taking actions she otherwise may have avoided.
[10:33] How she found her creativity hampered because she looked outside of herself for inspiration.
[12:00] What breath means to her.

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