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There are seven and a half billion people in the world. They need you. They need your expertise. They need your heart. So, you just got to get out there and serve them. We’re here to help you build your nutrition coaching business!

In this episode we cover:
• Introduction [00:00]
• Kate and Matt’s journey to building a 6-figure nutrition coaching business. [03:55]
• Things they would do differently to get their business off the ground faster. [06:53]
• The importance of having the right money mindset, leadership mindset, and right internal dialogue. [09:14]
• Switching from “more money, more problems” mindset to “more money, more freedom.” [12:15]
• What you need to do if you’re struggling to find your ideal clients. [15:48]
• Raising your prices even if your competitors are dropping theirs. [18:49]
• How to convince someone to work with you. [23:40]

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