About the episode:

In today’s episode, Dr. Mike T Nelson is back to discuss his research into caffeine for both physical and mental performance enhancement. We discuss whether research actually shows a benefit to caffeine, when taking caffeine as a supplement might be helpful, and how much to take based on your body weight.

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In This Episode:

[00:30] About today’s episode.
[01:40] Talking about caffeine.
[02:26] What the effect size of a supplement like caffeine is for some context.
[04:50] Whether caffeine improves lifting performance.
[06:22] Caffeine’s effect on endurance performance.
[07:25]  The potential cognitive benefits of caffeine.
[08:29] What studies even look at when they measure cognitive enhancement.
[10:33] About the stroop test.
[13:03] What the research seems to say about dosing for strength and power.
[15:19]  What Dr. Mike recommends for endurance athlete clients.

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