About the episode:

Today’s episode is inspired by a new feature on the iPhone called Screen Time. It is an app that has apparently created a lot of shame for people I talked to around their phone usage habits.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone this episode is packed with information about how to change your screen habits for the better, and I even mention how to use similar desktop and Android apps.

I’ll be putting a ‘how to use screen time to improve your health’ video series on our Instagram story and highlight- so go follow us on Instagram for a visual guide to what I am talking about on this show. You will only find it on our Instagram, and if you like our style of storytelling on this show- that is exactly what we are bringing to you with our Instagram stories. Educational and informational stories.

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In This Episode:

[00:25] About today’s episode.
[05:58] A reminder of my chat with Dr. House.
[09:11] How my mum switched from an iPhone to an Apple watch.
[12:02] The largest contributor to your calories out, resting metabolic rate.
[12:36] About the “Insta itch”.
[14:13] What Nick does when he notices the “Insta itch”.

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