About the episode:

In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Kirk Parsley about the importance of sleep, stress, and how they play a massive role in your ability to perform, lose fat, and gain muscle.

Dr. Parsley is a traditionally trained western medical doctor who has discovered that his medical training did not provide him with the necessary information and expertise to help improve and maintain his patient’s health.

After discovering that he had been trained to recognize and treat disease, he set out on a mission to learn everything possible about actually optimizing health.

He now works with clients and organizations on four pillars of health; sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress control.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[01:13] How most of the goals we are chasing with nutrition actually happen while we’re sleeping.
[02:03] The connection between sleep, the body, athletic performance, and the cognitive performance you desire.
[02:59] What happens to the body after just two hours of sleep deprivation.
[03:57] How lack of sleep can lead to the breakdown of muscle for fuel.
[04:54] How sleep deprivation can hamper your body’s ability to utilize fat it’s already stored.
[06:39] How sleep deprivation also decreases insulin sensitivity of the muscle and fat cells.
[07:36] How testosterone is also the primary anabolic hormone for women.
[09:08] The effects of sleep deprivation on testosterone and anabolic hormone levels.
[09:55] How subcutaneous body fat can convert our testosterone to estrogen.
[13:43] How to improve the quality of your sleep.
[15:38] How to improve sleep hygiene using either wearables or plain-old one and paper.
[17:09] How much of a role nutrition plays in sleep.


Resources Mentioned

America’s biggest problem

How To Know if Your Sleep Hygiene is Optimal

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