If you’re feeling stuck as a coach, and you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to make a living with your coaching business…I’m talking to you today. You have to first invest in your professional development to invest in your business. 

I’m Morpheus asking you if you’ll take the red pill or the blue pill.

Will you invest in yourself and your business so that it can thrive and stand out from the crowd?

Or will you keep trying to do it yourself, and fall back into the crowd of MILLIONS of nutrition coaches who are just side hustling at best?

I Invested $33k

To give you some context, in 2019 I’ve invested north of $33,000 on coaching and professional development.

That’s more than I made my first year out of university!

And do you want to hear something that might sound absolutely crazy?

I intend to invest over $150,000 on coaching and professional development in 2020.

You might be thinking “wow, that’s expensive.” What kind of coaching could possibly be worth $150,000?!

But I think, “wow, this is valuable.”

It’s a reflection of how much I value myself, and my growth.

It’s also my way of attracting clients who place a lot of value on their growth and development.

Because after I left my first company and started my career as a coach, I invested $10,000 that I didn’t have into a coaching program I wasn’t ready for.

I expected at $10,000 the coaches would pretty much build my business for me!

But that’s not what happened.

And to be honest, for that level of investment I got very little personal attention which made it easy for me to slip through the cracks….

It made it easy for me to blame the coaches for not reaching my goal of making $10k per month within 90 days.

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I fell into old patterns.

I let my small self image keep me small.

After a while I started attracting a bunch of clients JUST like me.

I was attracting clients who would sign up for coaching and then expect me to do all the work for them.

They wanted to throw money at the problem, and didn’t take action when I provided guidance. 

And I HATED it. 

Attracting People Like Me

Luckily, I was able to identify that I was attracting people like me and whenever I had the opportunity to get coaching as an athlete, I would be the type of client I wanted to attract.

I’d follow programs to the “t”. Eventually, I started attracting clients who were receptive to guidance. It was like magic, but there was also some black magic still happening.

Since I didn’t return that ten thousand dollar coaching investment, I spent the next FIVE years being hesitant to invest in anything related to personal or professional development.

I’d spend money on an audible subscription, read books, and take the odd certification course because at least I’d have something tangible to show for my investment! I wouldn’t hire coaches and mentors.

I’d consider it, but I always bailed last minute.

There was a deep fear in me.

Even though I had the money to invest this time.

I was in the habit of booking a strategy session here or there with a coach who could have helped me grow, but I was a tire kicker.

I’d get onto the strategy session hoping the price tag for their services would be low.  However, when I heard the price I’d say “I’ll think about it” even when I knew the answer was “yea right, I’ve been through this before.”

And do you want to know what types of prospects I was attracting BEFORE I started investing in myself back in 2017?

Tire kickers.

Price shoppers. People AFRAID of investing in themselves.

The perfect prospects who actually ended up working with me were referrals, or people who already knew, liked and trusted me.

That said,  the “cold” prospects I attracted were tire kickers just like me. Pure and simple.

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I was attracting myself.

So, you know what I did? I opened a 0% interest credit card and invested in personal development and my business. 

And I started attracting prospects willing to do the same.

So what type of prospects are you attracting, if you’re attracting prospects at all?

  1. Are they bailing because of price?
  2. Are they no shows for enrollment meetings?
  3. Do they sign up and then never check in?

If you look carefully at the prospects that you can’t stand, they’re your shadow. That part of them that you hate. It’s in you and it’s attracting them to you.

So if you want to be like all of the other successful coaches I know…

You need to find someone who has done what you want to do….and you need to INVEST in yourself by hiring them to guide you.

Don’t balk at the cost of the investment if their program sounds like the right fit for you. Don’t “wait” until the right time…and keep spinning your wheels, or you’ll keep attracting that type of prospect to your business. You’ll never be successful.

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