About the episode:

In today’s episode, I interview Lachy Rowston and Raph Freedman of the Mind Muscle Project about the practice of journaling and its many benefits.

Raph and Lachy have been immersed in the practice of journaling for years, and over the past year have been developing a training journal based on everything they have learned. So, I wanted to pick their brains and extract some of the best practices you can use to form an effective journaling practice.

We discuss how journaling helped them improve their training, happiness and overall well-being. We also talk about how journaling helped them launch some of their most successful business ideas. We learn exactly how to create a journaling practice, and some of Raph and Lachy’s favorite prompts to get their hand moving across paper when they open up their journal each day. The guys even drop some knowledge about how CrossFit Games runner-up, Brent Fikowski, approaches using a journal to improve each training session.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[02:01] Raph and Lachy clarify any misconceptions about journaling.
[02:41] A breakdown of what journaling actually is.
[03:45] The benefits of journaling and how it helps your well-being.
[04:29] How journaling can help remove persistent negative thoughts from your head.
[05:06] How journaling can help with developing your idea from a seed.
[16:36] Some of their favorite journaling prompts.
[18:34] Their thoughts on the best time to make an entry in your journal.
[09:16] Some clear benefits of making entries in your journal in the morning.
[10:21] What inspired them to create “Training Journal”.
[11:47] What their favorite prompts are when using the “Training Journal”.

Resources Mentioned

The Training Journal’s Kickstarter page.

The Freedom Journal

The Mastery Journal

The Five Minute Journal

The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal

Brent Fikowski on Instagram

Their interview with Brent Fikowski

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The Mind Muscle Project

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