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In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to dive deep with Nate Long, one of my favorite clients, whose wife found us online and reached out after the 2016 CrossFit season when Nate decided he wanted to go all-in and make a run at sneaking into regionals in the 2017 season after placing 48th in the Open.

From Professional Gamer to CrossFit Gamer with Nate Long #beyondmacrospodcast”]

Over the next year, I had the opportunity to work personally with Nate and see what a blend of drive, competitive training, and good nutrition could create. Nate placed 10th in the Open for his region in 2017 ahead of 2016 CrossFit Games athletes and did qualify and compete at the Atlantic regional.

Nate made one of the fastest transformations I’ve ever witnessed in 10-years in the CrossFit community. Little did I know, this transformation is even more inspirational when you dive deeper into Nate’s background.

Today I tell Nate’s story.

Today’s show is meant to get you fired up for the CrossFit Open, and this episode is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps you get leaner, stronger, and perform better with sustainable habit changes rather than restrictive dieting. Most of our clients are working professionals who have made CrossFit, Obstacle racing, Triathalons, and other sports a big part of their life.

We have also worked with a number of people who are competitors looking to improve in their sport and reach the highest level possible.

If you want to learn how to calculate and count your macros to get leaner, stronger, and perform better just go to Beyondmacros.com and sign up for our macro counting mini course.

In This Episode:

[02:04] The story begins – in Nate’s mom’s basement surrounded by pizza boxes, soda, and beer.
[04:48] Why Nate decided to quit video gaming.
[05:41] The beginning of his path to becoming one of the fittest humans on earth.
[06:48] How his personality led him to quit his first CrossFit open.
[09:19] Some advice for anyone looking to improve performance.
[10:07] How qualification for the Granite games really changed things for Nate.
[11:24] An issue that could have prevented him from qualifying for regionals.
[12:37] How he decided to tackle his body image issues.
[13:42] The number of carbs he eats on his hard training days.
[15:38] How he started off day 2 on the wrong foot at event 2 of regionals.
[16:20] How Nate’s wife, Jordan, helped him get his mind out of the gutter and pull out a great finish in event 4.
[16:53] How he learns from his failures.
[17:43] A serious reality check he received from his wife.
[18:09] How his coach, Brannen and I supported his decision and helped him transition to a lower training load and nutrition.

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