About the episode:

In today’s show, I spoke with Mark England about the power of language. This is the definition of how inner work can improve your life AND your performance.

Through his company, Procabulary, Mark and his team give athletes and professionals the tools to translate their stories and inner conversations to give them the power to overcome obstacles and perform their best.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[01:13] How much language can help with performance compared to changing nutrition or training program.
[03:57] What the language process is.
[05:29] The 3 pillars of language that are problematic, and cause persistent conflict in our lives.
[07:29] What negations sound like.
[08:24] What projections are.
[11:02] Steps in translating these pillars into more productive language and start becoming aware when this language is used.
[14:10] Some common stories I hear from clients as a nutrition coach.
[17:40] Some stories people tell about their struggles with eating in social situation.

Resources Mentioned

Identity vs. Process: Reinterpreting Failure

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