About the episode:

In this episode, we chat to Raja Dhir, an expert in all things microbial and bacterial. It’s the third and final episode in our forgotten food groups series, and it is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros.

Raja has spent the last two years fully immersed in learning about the microbiome, and in this episode, he gives us a crash course on the gut and microbiome, as well as how to use foods to improve health and performance and much more.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[01:12] How microbiomes begin forming at or before birth.
[03:28] What your gut is and why its important to your overall health.
[04:49] How microbiome might have a role in performance, and that athletic performance might have a role in gut health.
[05:28] How a common strain among Olympic athletes was found.
[07:10] A solid definition of the microbiome.
[07:38] How the microbiome plays a massive role in the health of the gut, which plays a huge role in the health of our whole body as a system.
[08:24] How bacteria plays a major role in the structural health of the gut.
[09:38] About a state called dysbiosis.
[09:21] How it can be caused by an overuse of antibiotics.
[10:42] Another major risk factor of dysbiosis.
[11:30] What a probiotic food really is.
[11:50] The ways that probiotic foods can have a benefit to health.
[13:37] Which fermented foods Raja has found in his research that actually deserve their probiotic badge.
[14:22] The history of yogurt as a probiotic food.
[15:03] Kombucha and the potential downsides of store-bought versus fermented foods.
[16:33] Why foods don’t have to be fermented to confer a probiotic benefit.
[17:08] How to use food to feed your gut bacteria.

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