About the episode:

This week, I chat with Dr. Megan Kaden, co-creator of the Art and Science of connection. She has her own private psychology practice, and also works with the coaches at Marcus Filly’s gym, Revival Strength.

We explored the art of connection with Misbah last season, and today we get to explore some of the Science of connection, and how to effectively process emotions including how Dr. Megan helps clients transition lessons from the session room out into the world.

In this episode, Dr. Megan talks about her process of working with clients, how she utilizes a Psychology modality called ADP and much more.

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In This Episode:

[04:16] Alli talks about the meaning of A.D.P.
[04:55] How she implements it in her personal practice.
[07:26] How she helps clients during her sessions.
[08:57] What she has the client do once she’s tracked and labeled the emotion.
[12:20] How she got into A.D.P and how it has helped her.
[17:17] How therapy for couples differs from therapy for individuals.
[20:28] How she creates safe space in her practice.
[22:01] What she does to make clients feel safe.
[21:21] Her recommendations on how to create safe space for yourself.

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