About the episode:

Today’s show is a mini-episode about how to help the gut recover after antibiotics use from an interview I did with microbiome expert Raja Dhir.

And of course, I want to put out the disclaimer that neither Raja nor I are doctors and you should consult your primary care physician before making any dietary changes. This episode is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.

Now the topic we’re diving into today has been gaining a lot of steam. Gut health and the symbiotic relationship between humans and our microbiome are still very new fields of research. We are just beginning to scratch the surface on the complex interactions between the bacteria, fungus, and virus that we coexist with.

It is important to understand before listening to this episode that there is a common misconception that antibiotics are a nuclear bomb that wipes out everything in sight. Although they will kill anything, they don’t kill everything. You don’t have a sterile gut after antibiotics. The bacteria that you are born with tend to compete for space over the first few years of life and then the mix of bacteria stays relatively constant.

Where antibiotic use can screw things up is they create space for an opportunistic pathogen to jump in where it may not have had the opportunity with a healthy microbiome.

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In This Episode:

[02:44] Steps you can use to heal your microbiome after using antibiotics based on the current body of knowledge.
[04:46] Why the spray and pray technique is the best and how to do it.
[07:10] The importance of eating lots of prebiotic fiber.
[09:00] About some cool technology in development that could help with this.

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