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This week I had the opportunity to speak with Robb Wolf, author of Wired to Eat, the Paleo Solution, and the podcast by the same name.

Robb was one of the first CrossFit affiliate owners, and original Subject Matter Expert on nutrition for CrossFit HQ, and an all around wealth of knowledge who is one of the most respected people in the industry.

[Carb testing, keto, and the future of nutrition with @robbwolf #beyondmacrospodcast”]

After reading Robb’s most recent book, Wired to Eat, I found the concept of his 7-day carb test absolutely fascinating. I’ve had over 50 clients run the test on themselves now with interesting results.

Robb and I talked extensively about the rationale behind the method of carb testing suggested in the book, what effects people’s individual carb tolerance, when ketogenic diets are beneficial, and the future of nutrition based on the patterns he’s observing.

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In This Episode:

[01:45] A little background on the 7-day carb test and where Robb gets his numbers from.
[07:25] Robb discusses some of the biggest issues that affect these tests.
[04:41] The first step in improving your ability to connect with people.
[09:56] Why it’s important to also look at subjective issues.
[10:35] The effect cooking starches have on the results of the test.
[11:52] Other factors that can affect the results.
[13:52] An interesting rationale Robb has around generally feeding people more protein.
[16:57] Robb’s perspective on keto and carbs.
[19:51] How he manages low carb with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.
[21:56] Robbs observations about the future of nutrition.
[25:20] What’s next for Robb.

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