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In today’s episode, I explore how Andy Petranek thinks about creating daily habits for the Whole Life Challenge.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Whole Life Challenge started as a game to change your habits in 7 areas of life: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being, and reflection. The game is designed to help you get momentum with these habits so that they become a part of your daily routine.

This show is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps you make a sustainable transformation through realistic habit changes rather than restrictive dieting.

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In This Episode:

[02:27] What makes a great habit.
[03:33] Measurable actions people can take to display that they are, in fact, forming a daily well-being habit.
[04:44] Another great example of where Andy struggled to define a practice.
[06:08] A long-term part of his philosophy that started in the gym.
[08:31] The deal with daily habits.
[11:23] Andy contrasts the daily practice with the challenges of trying to create a non-daily practice.
[13:52] An important lesson about sustaining a streak in the process of failing a streak.
[16:13] Why sustainability is not so much about motivation.
[18:40] A great litmus test for whether you’ve chosen the correct habit.
[19:28] Andy throws one more sustainability concept in the hat:.

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