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Welcome back to the Beyond Macros podcast. We are the sustainable transformation nutrition coaches, and our show will help you get leaner, stronger and perform better in a way that lasts with episodes about nutrition, recovery, and the all-important art of inner work.

In today’s episode, we wrap up the stories about epic fitness streaks with Brian Casey who has the 12th longest active running streak in the world, and currently the 16th longest in recorded history.

Brian has run every day since May 9, 1977, but he doesn/t have a background in running. And he didn’t start this streak on purpose either like our last two guests. It took him about 20 years to realize that he was on to something.

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In This Episode:

[00:40] What constitutes a running steak.
[02:25] How this running streak began.
[03:25] Two events that catalyzed this running streak.
[05:03] How he was able to push himself to continue.
[05:53] How playing sports after school influenced his streak.
[07:11] Discovering something big.
[09:01] Some challenges along the journey.
[10:20] An epic story.
[12:25] Where he does the vast majority of his runs.
[13:32] The monotony running has at times.

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