Today’s guest is Aaron Alexander- host of the align podcast and one of my favorites follows on Instagram because of his way of communicating a back-to-basics approach to health. We had a far-reaching conversation, but today’s show is going to be all about the most effective mobility tool everybody has, but few people use – the floor.

And we recorded this podcast on Aaron’s roof, sitting on the floor, out in the sun. So please excuse any helicopters that might make a cameo appearance.

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In This Episode:

[02:13] Aaron on how arthritis on the hip is more prevalent in the western world.
[03:17] How modern culture might be causing some of the movement and pain related issues that are so prevalent today.
[05:28] The key to keeping up with this practice.
[06:34] How sitting tools actually make great desks when you sit on the floor
[08:16] Aaron explaining explain some of the positions he recommends, and why.
[11:12] How is sitting on the floor any different.

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