The BIGGEST Struggle

Hands down, the most common struggle I hear coaches talk about in their applications to the Beyond Macros Certified Coach Program is organizing client data and creating smooth systems online.

And that is something I’ve been perfecting out of necessity. Managing a team of 10, and growing, has required me to learn how to manage both remote clients and a remote team.

And that’s why I am going to show you the tools I use to make online coaching EASIER.

First I will explain some of the situations where these online tools can help, and then I will demonstrate how we use or have used these tools at different stages of our business.

It’s Not Just My Notebook Anymore

When I was working with clients in person, I had it  easy. I kept a notebook with sections for each client, and I could bust out the notebook before the client meeting. I could sit down with the client and scroll through their MyFitnessPal with them. I could hash out any issues face-to-face, and make sure my recommendations were crystal clear.

But, online things get sloppy. Email threads grow to 50+ emails at times. Pretty soon you can’t tell which of your dozen email threads contains your client’s attached check in document.

Perhaps you’ve found that you’ve got a good chunk of clients who simply don’t check in on a regular basis. Is this because your check in process isn’t streamlined or convenient?

And, when it comes to your check in process, it takes 20 minutes just to FIND all the information you need to review. Then you have to craft your client check in emails and program updates.

Online Coaching Tools Help You SCALE Your Business

Because of this disorganization and admin nightmare, if I dropped 20 new clients in your lap today, you’d be drowning trying to serve them.

Yet you might feel like you just need more leads for your online coaching business to allow you to finally live the lifestyle you want to live.

Unfortunately, that’s not how successful online businesses work.

The Needs for Online Coaching Tools

  • You need to have systems in place so that it’s friction-less for your clients to check in with you and follow your program. They hired you to make their transformation easier, not more complicated.
  • You also need to have systems in place so that when it is time to check in on your clients and update or create new programs for them, that it is streamlined. Your energy needs to go into providing a great client experience, not hunting down spreadsheets.
  • And if you’ve struggled with getting clients to follow a plan, miscommunications over email, and just generally in connecting with some clients- then you need to understand what tools and processes can remedy this.

There are tools we use at Beyond Macros to connect with our online clients as well, if not better than we could in person.

Low Cost/Free Online Coaching Tools

Some of the tools we use might be a bit expensive for those of you who are just starting out, so I will discuss some of the low cost or free options you have available.

These tools include 

  • GSuite for intake forms, organizing client data, collaborating on check ins and more.
  • Streak CRM for keeping client data organized within Gmail so it’s available at a glance for check ins, and for creating reminders to follow up with clients at the right time.
  • Zapier for allowing apps to “talk to each other” and automate repetitive processes that steal precious time.
  • Loom for creating personalized videos for clients to improve your connection with them.


Other than GSuite, which costs $5 per user per month, each of these services has a free version. The free versions are limited, however, and I do pay for the pro version of each.

It’s also worth noting that at the time of this recording, I am not an affiliate for any of these software solutions. They’re just what I’ve used to grow Beyond Macros over the last 4 years!



I hope this video showed you what’s possible when it comes to organizing client data. We go into way more step-by-step detail about how to set up a coaching business that feels effortless to run so you can focus on your clients in our certification program.

Head on over to our FREE Online Nutrition Coaches Community and join the conversation. Let us know: What tools are you using?