In today’s episode,

I talked with Dr. Ben House in depth about the different factors that affect the calories in, calories out equation, which of those factors are within your control, and much more.

And today’s episode is inspired by a talk Dr. House gave on nutrition and the brain at his retreat. In the talk, he effectively argued against the idea that diets don’t work and if your diet you’re doomed to yo-yo.

So in today’s episode, we will build up to the five factors that dieters who successfully maintain weight loss long term have in common. And to lay the foundation for those factors, Ben will go deep breaking down the calories in, calories out the equation and how we can affect it other than starving ourselves. He begins by answering the question to what is on each side of the equation.

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In This Episode:

[06:34] Some of the hidden factors driving appetite.
[10:01] How to control this side of the equation.
[11:09] Why adherence is the name of the game.
[12:02] The largest contributor to your calories out, resting metabolic rate.
[13:52] An interesting perspective Ben has on the attachment to disease states and fragile mindsets.
[14:21] Where you do have some control over the RMR part of the equation.
[16:50] The shadow side of step tracking and NEAT.
[18:07] How exercise activity is an obvious lever we can pull.
[19:53] The last part of the calories out equation.
[15:35]  why it’s important to realize it’s not about quality vs. quantity.

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