About the episode:

In today’s episode, I chat with Adee Cazayoux of Working Against Gravity about a topic we haven’t yet covered on the show – the benefit of service work.

I met her at her house in Austin after paleoFX and we played with steel maces and puppies in the backyard with a great crew.

She mentioned some service work that she and her husband Michael had planned for the week, and we scratched the surface with some conversations about personal development so I knew I wanted to dive a little deeper.

Adee’s company started an initiative called WAG Impact after Hurricane Harvey where members, staff, and some of their social media followers teamed up to help with the recovery efforts in Texas. They also helped out in California after the wildfires, and now are putting their focus locally in Austin where she lives.

We chat about her work in this area and much more on this weeks episode.

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In This Episode:

02:51 Why she engaged in service in the first place.
[04:27] Why they were more picky about their service activities for WAG Impact.
[05:47] How her recent experience led to a lot more clarity.
[07:03] An act of service that I copied for Beyond Macros.
[07:59] About her policy called WAG Unplugged.
[09:33] Another habit that’s she’s formed that is a perfect least mode activity.
[10:24] Why planned diet breaks are important.
[12:15] Why recalibrating before an open is a good practice.
[14:53] How certain kinds of people are the ones who experience less stress from tracking.
[16:03] Her thought on personal development.

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