About the episode:

For this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Tom Rini, the owner of Black Flag Athletics

The Smart Way to Add Assistance Work to Your Training with Tom Rini #beyondmacrospodcast”]

Black Flag has die-hard members and coaches who amplify the Black Flag message so loud I can hear it all the way in Australia, and they’re in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve had the chance to coach a number of his coaches and members and they all have a such a solid mindset from their time at Black Flag.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode:

[02:26] Why Tom gets such great results out of his coaches and clients.
[03:12] His advice for how to approach adding assistance work to your normal CrossFit schedule without getting injured or overtraining.
[04:34] A solution he’s implemented in his group classes and competitor’s program.
[05:47] Tom talks about an example of mistakes novices make at GHD situps.
[06:56] Some benefits he’s found using a technique called occlusion training.
[07:55] How Tom approaches this technique.
[08:51] Why recovery is important.
[09:18] Tom first step to dialing in mindset for recovery.
[09:53] He identifies some hurdles to getting into the right mindset as an athlete.
[10:45] Some of the tactical ways that Tom injects recovery into his competitor’s program.
[11:45] What he doesn’t want his clients doing when recovering.
[12:48] Tom’s requirements for meditation.

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