About the episode:

Last week we wrapped up the interview portion of our Streak Series, and this week I want to give that topic a bit of a rest. Next week I will wrap it all up- but today is about something I’ve been diving deep into.

And that is, what do people struggle with when it comes to nutrition?

After doing about over 1000 initial interviews with clients where I ask that very question, plus our new survey to help direct email subscribers to the right content I’ve combined the answers, analyzed them and realized that there are about 5 nutrition roadblocks that most people struggle with.

And we created a quiz at beyondmacros.com/quiz to help you uncover your #1 Nutrition Roadblock and how to fix it.

So I recommend taking that quiz, and using the information we’ll send plus this episode to start addressing your #1 Roadblock so you can start getting momentum on your nutrition journey!

Today’s episode will cover the 3 Nutrition Roadblocks that I have found affected 88% of people who do CrossFit, Obstacle Races or endurance events and weightlifting.

This show is brought to you by us, Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps you make a sustainable transformation through realistic habit changes rather than restrictive dieting.

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In This Episode:

[00:36] About today’s episode.
[01:40] The 3 Nutrition Roadblocks that I have found affected 88% of people who do CrossFit.
01:57 The classic quantity question.
[03:31] Why the quantity of food you need to eat is only the first step in the journey.
[04:10] How there is trial and error whether you’re working with a coach or not.
[04:58] A great point to start with.

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