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Once the Christmas season is over, most (if not all) are thinking of the same exact thing: to lose the weight they’ve gained over the holidays. But if every other nutrition and fitness coach already knows that, how do you make sure you capture those leads before everyone else does?

The choices are simple: close up shop during this time of year and wait for next month, or start hustling to secure yourself leads for the next year and get ahead of the game. Your action plans for this month will determine how your first quarter of 2021 will turn out.

Today, we share why you need to prepare as early as now for the big wave of clients coming in for the new year and what steps you can take to capture those leads effectively. We’ll talk about finding your soulmate client, planning your content to resonate with them, and more!

Give yourself a leading-edge advantage by tuning in to this episode now.

In this episode we cover:

● How the idea of getting prepped for January in December was conceived [02:38]
● Why you need to double down on your marketing every December [04:33]
● Optimizing your fitness lead gen for January 2021 [07:50]
● Step one: Dial in your monopoly offer [08:05]
● Play the inception game with your leads [08:51]
● Know the ‘why’ behind the goals [10:27]
● Stop acting on assumption [15:23]
● Step two: Strategize your marketing content to engage with the right clients [18:25]
● Use your client’s language to create a powerful marketing content [20:00]
● Create a paradigm shift to stand out from the competition [22:00]
● Take advantage of the holidays [24:29]

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